Dave "OY" Green

I'm a Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer from Wigan, NW England. I've been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember - and a confirmed Nikon Nut since my move to Digital SLR about 15 years ago, although I still dabble with film using a variety of film cameras. I'm also very much into the modern Fuji system - shooting a lot of stuff with the fantastic Fuji X-Pro2 and X100F. I run a nice friendly Photography Forum at www.ShutterNutters.co.uk.
I have a leaning towards the outdoors with my personal photography - Landscape and Wildlife - but cover all areas including Weddings, Events and Family Portraiture in addition to my "Day job" which comprises about 50% Photography (Mainly press, corporate events and stock work) and 50% Graphic Design.

All of the images here can be downloaded totally free of charge. They can be used on your website, in word documents, work sheets, pdf files etc. as long as a copyright notice to oyphotos.co.uk is included in your document or page and you notify me of this use by email. Please DO NOT directly link to my images here. Doing so could lead to you facing an embarrassing situation when I change the original image to one not quite so suitable to your purpose. If you wish to use my images in print, for example magazines, leaflets, information panels or books then please contact me by email

If you like my photos please leave comments. It gives me a warm fuzzy glow :-)